The 5 Easiest Programming Languages For Beginners

The 5 Easiest Programming Languages

Find out which are the easiest to learn programming languages for students

Technological advancements are constantly changing as well as programming languages ranking high in the list of programming languages worldwide. There are now many programming languages used in machine learning, web development, and data science. Starting with an easier programming language could be beneficial as a student.
You may want to take a look at our list of programming languages before committing to learning that new programming language. In this article, we will discuss which programming language is easier to learn as a student.


The Python language is a general-purpose programming language that allows developers to build programs in a variety of ways (e.g., functionally, object-oriented, reflectively, etc.). YouTube, Google Search, and others were developed with Python. Python is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use programming language that is suitable for both beginners and experienced coders. A built-in library provides command and task support for common tasks and commands. By having interactive properties, programmers can test the code as they go, which eliminates the need to create and test long sections of code.


As a distributed system, Java was designed to distribute applications over the internet. This means distributing programs among a variety of computers and servers. Due to constant testing and updating, Java still remains relevant and cutting edge despite its age.

In addition to working on all major platforms, Java developers can create their applications on one platform and be confident that they'll work on all other major platforms as well. Besides being flexible, the language can be used in gateways, consumer products, and practically any electronic device.

Another reason why developers are attracted to Java is its reliability and security.


The most effective language to learn how to program 3D games and
Most third-party applications for Windows are written in C#, which is pronounced: "see sharp.". C# is the fourth most popular programming language for jobs and is an excellent starting point for code beginners.

Due to its similar syntax, C# is an easy language to pick up if you've used Java. Microsoft's C# language has even been compared to Java's. Applications and games can be developed using C# code.

C# Perfect for:

  • The development of applications for Windows is of interest to students
  • who have experience with Java and want to learn another language similar to it


Aside from its ability to manipulate low-level memory, C++ is also a general-purpose programming language with generic, Object Oriented, and functional features. Programming languages provide code structures that simplify the development process and make it easier to resume development once the code is written.

Perfect for:

  • C++ is best for building an operating system.
  • And also best for building high graphic games like GTA-v, pubg, and more.


There are many programming languages out there, but Javascript is the one used to build the internet. It is a powerful object-based scripting language that is universally recognized as the language of web developers. It has found widespread use in web development due to its asynchronous event handling and crisp syntax. The software, which originated as a simple client-side scripting language, now features multiple frameworks for both back-end and front-end development within the web development community.

Perfect for:

  • It is perfect for client-side scripting.
  • Nowadays, Javascript is also best for server-side scripting.

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